IHS Rugby springs into action


The IHS Rugby team, or otherwise known as the Indiana Warriors have been dominating lately with an undefeated start to the season. With IHS bringing together the rugby team this year, students a part of the team are ready to share their thoughts on the Warriors performance and season.

Starting early April, the Indiana Warriors kicked off their season with promising looks. With practices as early as late January onto Early February, it is safe to say that the Indiana Warriors were ready for their matches and games.

An undefeated season is leading the Indiana Rugby Warriors toward states! With the last regular season matchup against Moon at the senior salute rugby game on Sunday May 1, the Warriors were victorious and clinched the title of PA Rugby Allegheny Conference champs.

Junior player Joshua Scanlan was asked about the team’s performance and how they plan for upcoming matches, he explained, “I believe that our team’s performance is above and beyond past teams performances. We prepare by watching film on our opponents and adjusting how to play to fit them. We also prepare physically by running plays and working on proper tackling.”

Sophomore players Trey Adams and Jaiden Myers were asked about the team’s performance as a whole, they added, “Both our back and forwards are really good and we are constantly making good plays.” Jaiden Myers added. “ I believe that the Indiana Rugby team is performing excellently lately as we are #2 in the entire state of Pennsylvania in terms of points, points are earned by wins and points scored, and through the general makeup of the team as we are diverse in both strength, speed, and size.” Trey Adams expressed.

Sophomore Jaiden Myers also said, “I plan to prepare by really working on my awareness and tackling upcoming practices to help prepare myself for the matches.” Sophomore player Trey Adams replied, “I prepare for upcoming matches by drinking a ton of water, eating a ton of carbohydrates before the game, and eating fruits before the game as they are loaded with water. If it is a couple days before a game, then I will eat more fatty foods to have enough energy for the game coming up.”

Junior Joshua Scanlan explains why the Indiana Warriors have been so dominant lately, “The rugby team performs remarkably for being a team made up of kids from a variety of different schools, one reason we perform so well is because we treat the team as a brotherhood rather than an after school activity.“

Photo courtesy of IHS Rugby

The Indiana Warriors are looking to claim the states this year! So keep your eyes open for future matches where you can watch the Indiana Warriors defend their name and possibly claim the next championship bracket game! Home games are held on Sundays at the football turf field right outside the school.

Go Warriors!

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