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By MIA LENZI – Want to see the reality of auditioning for a play, or maybe getting an interview for a job, or even trying out for Miss Kentucky? IHS presents The Interview, Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28 at 7:30, where three short shows are combined to make one humorous performance. The Interview features the shows Miss Kentucky by Allison Williams, The Role of Della by John Wooten, and Hard Candy by Jonathan Rand.

Each show features a look at the act of being interviewed. The night kicks off with Miss Kentucky, placing audiences in a hilarious scene shared by a pageant mom and her daughter. Next up is The Role of Della where an actor and director face-off keeps the laughter rolling.

Senior Maeve Morris, cast member of The Role of Della, comments, “The show is a funny yet realistic audition for a play. I love getting the chance to play a character I’ve never been before.”

Finishing off the three in one show is Hard Candy. This show depicts a job interview, where charming techniques, possibly never seen before, are used to score a place in the workforce.

This show is the last play of the 2018 school year, making it the senior’s last show. Along with being a last hurrah for some, each show is an ensemble show that allows for each character to be featured. “This is such a great last show for me to be involved in at IHS because of how much of an ensemble show it is! Working with everyone to create such an exciting performance has helped me grow as both a person and an actress,” states senior Sydney Shearer, cast member of Hard Candy.

Some new faces can also be spotted in the upcoming show as well. Reese McFarlane, cast member of Miss Kentucky says, “I love being a part of the show so much! This is the first show that I’m acting in, and it’s honestly such an amazing experience. Everyone is so supportive of each other and it’s such a nice environment.”

Come out to the show to enjoy a night of laughing, cringing, and possible reminiscing. The Interview has a place for all and is waiting to share its comedic glory with others. Tickets will be sold for five dollars at the welcoming auditorium doors of IHS.

Ind Play by Mia Lenzi

[Photo by Mia Lenzi]

Photo Caption: “Senior show members Jackie Sprenger (left) and Elijah Satchell (right) work to prepare the set for opening night of The Interview.”


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