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IHS prepares for Homecoming


The week of homecoming is upon Indiana Area High School, and Student Government is creating fun events to keep students ready and excited. A lot of work goes into preparing for the homecoming dance, and there is a lot to discuss. 

One of the biggest events leading up to homecoming would be the IHS pep rally. The event will be this Friday, September 29th, anyone from any grade level is able to attend. The pep rally gets everyone together to take a break from the busy school day, and participate in fun activities. SGA (Student Government) has been going around getting teachers to sign up for different events that will take place during the rally. So far, there will be a guess-the-song challenge, musical chairs with the teachers and a dance routine by some of the senior boys. Some events will not be shared until that day, just to keep an element of surprise.

The pep rally is one of the most popular in-school events of the year, and everyone looks forward to it. Junior and SGA member, Vania Ali, comments on the pep rally’s importance, “It’s a fun way to end the week, which adds to the anticipation for the dance. It also gives us a look into the energy everyone will bring to homecoming.”

Preparing for the dance itself is also a key part of Homecoming, and this year, SGA spared no expense. All of the decorations have come in, and in total they cost $2,500. The DJ was also a pricy purchase, costing $1,500 to hire. The DJ this year is DJ Lew, who has experience from school dances to big weddings.

Deciding the theme of the dance is another crucial factor to the dance, this year, it’s Garden of Glamour. Prepare to walk into the school homecoming night and be met with lots of flowers and gold. Junior Lucia Clark mentions how deciding the theme is her favorite part of Homecoming prep, “What I enjoy most about helping prepare for the dance definitely would be deciding the theme with everyone.”

The morning of Homecoming, all of SGA goes to the school to help set everything up. This is a requirement for every single member to be there. Since there is a lot going on that day, SGA is on quite the time crunch, because most members have to get ready for the dance themselves. 

Homecoming is such a fun time of year and it’s highly encouraged students go. Senior, Katarina Medvetz, explains why students should attend, “ Students should go to Homecoming because it’s  always an enjoyable time and it only comes around once a year. It’s fun to get dressed up and go dance with your friends.”

[Photo by Elizabeth Olsen] “SGA members Ronny Wang and Sierra Watkins selling Homecoming tickets.”

SGA really has kept the school spirit alive this week to ensure everyone is hyped up for the dance, their work has not gone unrecognized. Their preparations will make sure everyone has an enjoyable Homecoming this year. Always remember, despite all the excitement it is most important to stay safe.

Elizabeth Olsen


Elizabeth Olsen is a senior and a second-year reporter for the High Arrow. She spends her time outside of school playing tennis, spending time with her friends, and cozying up at home watching TV shows. In school she enjoys her English classes, especially when it comes to writing. She is excited to start writing articles about all the latest school events for the High Arrow.

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