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By SYDNEY BRICE – COVID-19 has robbed the 2021 school year of many fun events, but IHS leadership is planning on making sure that Mini-THON is not one of them. 

Mini-THON is an event that everybody in school gets excited about, and it is a time for us all to stand together for one cause. The IHS Mini-THON is a six-hour event where the students stand for children with pediatric cancer. At the end of the night, a grand total is revealed showing how much money was raised “For The Kids.”

This year, the event is going to look a little different, but it will still be a fun time for everybody involved. Senior Lucas Connell stated, “We are keeping our end goal in mind, and remember what and who we are doing it all for. We are creating a collaborative environment and trying to promote positivity in everything.”

The event is being pushed to May in order to give the best opportunity to have an in-person Mini-THON. Leadership has been planning a virtual event that is interactive and unlike anything that they have done before. The virtual event will definitely be happening, but if there is an opportunity to have an in-person event they will also be hosting that along with it. 

Senior leadership member Branden Kanick said, “People should attend Mini-THON because they are supporting a cause that can change a kid’s life. I [participate in] THON because I want those kids to know there is still hope and if they can fight cancer, I can definitely stand six hours for them.”

The leadership team has already put in countless hours to make sure that they are doing their best to make as big of an impact as possible. 

“My favorite part of Mini-THON is hearing the speakers talk about their journey with cancer,” said senior leadership member Fima Sissoko. “It is so inspiring to hear how they pushed through it, and it always makes me feel good to know that by standing and raising money we are helping them out and showing them that we are there through their fight.” 

The Leadership Team is working hard to make sure that Mini-THON 2021 is a night that can make an impact on many people’s lives. 

Students interested in the event can sign up by visiting the

[Photo courtesy of IHS Mini-THON]

Photo Caption: “IHS mini-THON has made a website to make signing up as easy as possible.”




Sydney Brice


Sydney is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys playing golf and lacrosse. She is excited to be a reporter for the school.