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By HANNAH STEELE – Veteran’s Day is a time when people from all around the country take a moment out of their day to honor and respect those who have or are currently serving in the military.  On November 8, IHS took part in saluting America’s veterans with the annual Veteran’s Day assembly.

The assembly started off with senior Keegan Ryan speaking about the background and history of Veteran’s Day, and concluded by welcoming Principal Wade McElheny, who spoke about the importance of honoring those who serve our country.

Next, seniors Clara Sherwood and Bailey Dills performed a flawless and inspiring acapella version of the National Anthem which left the audience awestruck.

After the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner, senior Trajan Jones directed the audience to a short film that educated those in attendance about the different wars that America has been involved in, as well as students’ families who have served in those particular wars.

“This was my first year in the assembly,” Jones stated, “Along with Keegan, I ran the assembly by introducing the video and singing acts.  I had a great experience because it was a wonderful display of how students can come together to do a great thing as a school.  It [the assembly] was the day before a long weekend, so naturally, everyone was excited but able to tone it down and show the respect you’d expect to see on a day like that.”

The assembly was brought to a conclusion when a select group of students chosen by  vocal music teacher Scott Salser and consisting of sophomores Owen Morris, and Connor McQuaide, juniors Parker Koons and Nick Skalican, and seniors Tim Sexton, and Elijah Satchell sang a beautiful rendition of the Stephen Stills classic, “Find the Cost of Freedom.”

Vocalist McQuaide, had a lot to say about his experience. “It was truly an honor to be a part of such an important day in American history.  I really liked inspiring others with the performance.  The song was also great, which made the whole event even better.”

“I thought the assembly was beautifully done,” sophomore Kasey Anderson affirmed,  “I believe that it is so special that we are one of the only schools in the area that still take off for Veteran’s Day.  It is extremely important to recognize the people who serve our country every day to keep us free.”

This year’s Veteran’s Day assembly was a respectful and memorable way for students to acknowledge and pay respects to our nation’s veterans, and remind people to thank a Veteran for their service on November 11 each year, as well as every chance possible.


[Photo by Erik Puskar]

Photo Caption: A vocal group consisting of Elijah Satchell, Owen Morris, Connor McQuaide, Nick Skalican, Tim Sexton, and Parker Koons sang “Find the Cost of Freedom” at the Indiana High Veteran’s Day assembly.

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