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IHS Green Bandana Project brings support and awareness to mental health issues


IHS has found a way to raise awareness and support mental health by participating in The Green Bandana Project. This project has been going on for many years and is hoped to continue for more years to come. 

Chair members of the IHS Green Bandana include juniors Bella Antonacci, Marina Conjelko, Maddox Duffee, and Emma Masengale. These students have been helping raise awareness about the project throughout the school and to expand everyone’s knowledge on it. 

The main goal of this project is to provide support to those struggling with mental health issues. This is done by students wearing green bandanas or ribbons on their backpacks as a sign that they are a friend to talk to if you are in need of help. This helps students feel more comfortable in their school environment and less alone. 

“Giving students the opportunity to step up and be a friend and a leader with either a green bandana or green ribbon, in my opinion, has already shown a unity in our school that has not always been visibly present in past years,” Conjelko explains.

The idea of the Green Bandana Project is to provide the opportunity for students who struggle with speaking about their mental health problems with adults to speak to as peers in a more friendly rather than an intimidating, professional tone. 

New members are being welcomed to join the project by applying for a green bandana. Although spots are limited, anyone is welcomed to join with a green ribbon.

Antonacci comments, “This project will have a great impact on our school and community by providing students with the outlets they need for help in whatever mental health obstacles they are facing.”

The program was originally introduced to IHS by Sara Dillon from IUP. This makes IUP and IHS the only two schools in the area with this program. Ms. Duffy, advisor of the Green Bandana Project, says one of the groups main goals is to help spread this project to other schools in the area. 

“Every school in the country has members who are struggling. I think every school can benefit from this program,” Duffy states. 

IHS will hopefully continue to thrive with the Green Bandana project. It is an important aspect of our school by helping those struggling with mental health issues and bringing awareness of those in need of mental health services. 

Photo by Mr. Puskar “Emma Masengale, Maddox Duffee, Marina Conjelko, and Bella Antonacci, chair members for the Green Bandana Project, raise awareness for Green Bandanas.”

Sydney Anderson


Sydney is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She plays soccer, softball, and swimming for the high school. She is excited to start writing articles for the community at IHS.

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