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By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – It’s golf season, and the IHS Girl’s Golf team is definitely stepping up to the tee. The team started the season with six new freshmen and only four upperclassmen.

The team has had to overcome some challenges that came with the freshman-heavy group. Freshman Teagan Merriman stated, “We have a young team, but I think the freshmen will continue to grow and build our skill set. Our section has a lot of good teams, so the next few seasons will be a challenge, but we’re up to it.” Even with this obstacle, the team is still willing to put in work to take itself to the next level.

The young team started off the season on their new home course, which is now located at the Indiana Country Club. The team practices 9-holes daily. They use this practice to try to get an edge on the other teams in their difficult bracket.

Freshman all-star Quinn Martineau is definitely one to watch out for. She has already won five matches, with the first spot on the team. Her average is in the low 40’s, with a goal of shooting in the 30’s. She stated, “We have a bunch of hard workers, and we are going to get better throughout the season.”

The upperclassmen are adjusting to the team this season as well. Senior Katie Peles states, “I feel like we are strong this year. We had some great seniors last year, but even with them gone we have stayed strong as a team. We got some good freshmen this year.”

Others on the team are not looking forward to saying goodbye to seniors.  Freshman Sandy Milby said, “It’s going to be sad to see the seniors go, but the team is only going to get better because we have so many freshmen.”  Even though the team is upset about the graduating class leaving, they are looking forward to improving this season, and in the next few seasons to come.

The team is hopeful about the season and is excited about what is to come. Sophomore Lauren Berezansky stated, “For being a young team, we’re going well.”


[Photo by Elmer Bland]

Photo Caption: “The girl’s golf team stands on the green before a match.”

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