Indiana Area Senior High School

By MEGHAN RUMMEL- The Indiana High School Varsity and Junior Varsity football teams have started the 2020-2021 football season admirably. Boys in grades 9 through 12 continue to  play hard during the games and practices, while also bonding as a family.

Every year students at IHS have the  opportunity to play football to represent our school, and to also become a part of a whole new family with the team. Although this year’s season  has had some changes due to COVID, the team is still working hard and thriving to be the best they can be.

Sophomore Liam McFarlane stated that his favorite part of football games is, ¨Being with the team on the field and seeing how well we work together. ¨Junior Devin Flint added to this saying ¨My favorite part of football games is playing with my brothers every second until the end of the game.¨

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted this year’s football season by not allowing people in the stands, during games which is somewhat harmful to our players. Freshman Isaac Anderson asserted, ¨It has made it really hard to focus on just football. Covid has to be in the back of your mind and it’s frustrating.¨

Flint says that, ¨Yes It is weird not having people in the stands during games due to covid. The crowd always gave everyone that extra boost of confidence. As a team we will find a way to get each other happy and not depend on a crowd.¨ McFarlane also stated, ¨Covid has made everyone self conscious, and it really gave the seniors something to work hard for. Their last season could be taken away at any moment, so they’re definitely playing their hearts out.¨ 

Flint also stated that, ¨ COVID has cut a few games out of our schedule. Also we didn’t have the chance to go to a football camp this year.¨ Every year our players get the chance to attend a football camp as a part of conditioning for the season where they usually also play their first scrimmage.¨

The players were however extremely prepared for the season to start. McFarlane expressed that, ¨Our coaches have definitely prepared us for this season. It takes a lot to get ready with a full off season, and that was taken away from us. So they definitely had a lot of pressure to get us ready and they did a great job.¨ 

Flint adds, ¨ Our coaches have prepared us for the season by pushing through the summer to make it to practice every single day. We worked on protecting the ball through our handoff chain and other drills.¨

McFarlane has been playing football for seven years, Flint has been playing for six, and Anderson has been playing for six years as well.

All students playing football this school year are going to continue to play their hardest and strengthen the bond that has already been built between all of them.

[Photo by Erik Puskar]

Photo Caption: ¨Quarterback Devin Flint looks downfield for an open receiver.¨


Meghan Rummel


Meghan is a sophomore and a second-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys painting, baking and she loves writing. She is ready to continue providing the students of IHS and the public with factual news.