Every school year at IHS, students have the opportunity to be involved with clubs.

Some of our school clubs consist of activities including: German, French, Spanish, card games, chess and board games, Drama, Athena club, calming coloring, careers in music, culture club, current events, Eco club, FBLA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Film, Key club, love is love, me to we, portfolio, sailing, SGA, science club, smash brothers/video games, spikeball, tennis, technology education, and ukulele club. However, students can decide to take a study hall instead of having a club if they choose to. 

Although there are a variety of clubs students can choose from, a lot of the clubs are private. This means you can only get into the club with permission from the club instructor, this is because for certain clubs, you must be filmar with the material. For example, the language clubs require you to be taking the class to be able to join the club. Also for SGA, you have to be a member. 

Many students have mixed feelings about clubs.  Freshman Ayla Kugler stated that, “Personally I am not a huge fan of clubs. I feel that there are not a lot of options to choose from for clubs, and I feel they are kind of a waste of time. The time during club periods could be used more efficiently for other things.”

Plenty of students have chosen a study hall for their clubs because they can use it as time to get their work done. Kugler is one of the students that chose to have a study hall and feels that it is more beneficial than other clubs. “I choose a study hall to use my time wisely and to get my possible work done.” 

Photo by Lauren Brocious (IHS Digital Media Productions II)

Freshman Hanna Cowburn is a part of Science club and SGA, she expressed that, “Science club is a lot of work, but it is definitely worth all of it, and SGA is a really fun club.” 

Another Freshman, Joy Christan is in table tennis club and she believes that our school should not have clubs next year. “I just feel we can use the time more wisely for more important things. I also just don’t enjoy my club, but if we have clubs next year then I think we should definitely have more options than what we had this year.” 

There are many different feelings towards clubs, and as to whether or not our school should have clubs next year. Some feel as if they could be using their time more wisely instead of being in a club, and others feel as if it is a fun time for students and we should have them next year.

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