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High Arrow Staff Spotlight: Kristen Kelly


Under the dim lights of the IDEAL lab, I sit next to Kristen Kelly, who has just complimented my “Taylor’s Version” sweatshirt. Immediately I feel comfortable with her, which I suspect is how anyone who hangs out with her feels. 

Kristen Kelly is a first-year journalist for the High Arrow and is already proving her love for writing and strong work ethic. She has a keen eye for those who fly under the radar, having written articles on under-recognized staff members, student teachers, and fellow members of the High Arrow staff. 

Her favorite part of journalism is the storytelling that follows the interviews. “I know it sounds weird because journalism is mostly writing, but once I get the interviews done I love sitting down to write the story; that’s my favorite part.”

Her fellow staff members speak highly of her: “She is a very productive writer, she always gets her work done on time,” says High Arrow editor, senior Meghan Rummel. “She enjoys journalism and strives to be the best writer she can be.”

Aside from working on the High Arrow, she is the president of the IHS “Everyone!” club. Kelly tells me that “it’s a mental health awareness and sexual assault prevention club.” She says the club motivates her to come to school every day. It’s clear to me that she has a huge heart, and wants to help people as much as is humanly possible.

Outside of school, Kelly likes to hang out with friends, watch movies, and listen to music. “I mostly watch comedies and romance, and a few actions here and there,” says Kelly. As for music, she has quite eccentric taste. “I’m one of those people who like country and rap music, so my playlist is, you know, one second it’s Taylor Swift, next it’s Cardi B,” mentions Kelly. 

As for the future, Kelly is unsure of what she wants to do. “I want to go to college, not sure what for yet, but I want to go to IUP,” she says. Surely she will figure it out; she’s bright, personable, and empathetic. These traits will get her far.

[Photo by Lily Speights]


Emma Sheeran


Emma is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She has been intensely involved with the IHS music department for all four years of high school, including attending state-level competitions and playing with the PSO. She is looking forward to working in a journalistic setting and putting the education she receives here towards a career in journalism.

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