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By PARKER KOONSThis year Canada celebrated the 150th anniversary of the signing of its Confederation (much like the U.S. Constitution) which united all the provinces into the country we now know today.

While the celebration may have been on July 1st of this year, the Canadian government had planned many different festivals and special events all year round.

Some of these events were On Common Ground which was a mix of the arts and music and dancing, Toronto or TO Canada with Love Horticulture Program which is a year round botanical garden in Toronto, and finally MomenTO which highlights historically important events, people, and places from 1867 to 2017.

A little background on Canada’s Confederation: Canada was originally a group of 13 provinces who on July 1st 1867 came together with the signing of Canada’s Confederation.

On the actual day of the anniversary there were supposedly parties that could put IUPattys to shame.

“It’s (Canada) definitely a lot different than America in a lot of ways from what I can remember.” recalls sophomore Arianna Goodyear, “I believe it would always be a fun experience to go to any new country and be immersed in the culture.”

Americans tend to think of Canadians as meek or apologetic people.  Except apparently when it comes to hockey, they are in fact very much alike their American counterparts, but at the same time they do tend to be very polite.

“Canada’s atmosphere has a much cleaner feel than America’s. The air almost felt easier to breath, and there seemed to be less waste on the streets, plus the people were super helpful when my family needed it!” said senior Sydney Shearer on her family’s trip to Niagara Falls.

Canada and America also share a little mutual history; both countries were molded by France in some way or another, Canada through its language and America through its government’s major ideals. They also share a common relative, with England also playing an important part in the development of both countries.

So, in short, happy birthday Canada and hopefully many more to come.


[Photo by Parker Koons]

Photo Caption: Juniors Sam Meil and Rachel Okey celebrate their Canadian heritage by standing for the Canadian Flag.

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