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Global Scholars opens career opportunities for students


The Global Scholars Program develops opportunities for IHS students to connect with others globally and prepare for success in their future careers. The Global Scholars Program is affiliated with the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association or PSMLA. This is the first year that the Global Scholars Program is at IHS, run by French teacher, Mr. James Dykun. 

The Global Scholars program expands a strong understanding of communication skills which are important for building a career. Students have the ability to participate in the Global Scholars Program for all four years at the High School. Sophomore, Adelae Templeton expresses, “I like all the different experiences and just getting to hear other people’s opinions and seeing their points of view.” 

To join the program, students must be enrolled in a language class at IHS. The program requires accomplishing four components to apply for a Global Scholars Certificate and/or a Global Scholars Honor Chord to wear during senior graduation. Academic course credit is achieved by completing four years of the same world language, and four additional credits toward graduation.

Active participation in a world language honor society or cultural club is needed. Another requirement is participating in a school-sponsored field trip. Recently, in November, Global Scholars students toured the World Affairs Institute at the University of Pittsburgh to learn more about different cultures. 

The field trip featured different cultural communities and the struggles of living in America as an immigrant. Global Scholars student, freshman Eva Nealen described, “There were many immigrants who told us how they were treated terribly when they arrived in this country and that the American Dream wasn’t at all what they thought it would be.” The institute is designed to solve problems internationally to create equal opportunity for everyone that comes from a different cultural background. 

Volunteering service hours to tutor a world language to elementary or middle school students is an important part of being in the program. Students benefit from learning a second language and also teaching it to others. 

Global Scholars student, freshman Audrey Yang states, “What I like about Global Scholars is that I am given multiple opportunities to learn about different places in the world and their cultures.” 

Literary and media reviews are essential in completing the Global Scholars Program. Four of the minimum amount of eight books are needed to be approved and reviewed by the Global Scholars mentor. This presents students with an opportunity to demonstrate higher-level thinking skills when reflecting and analyzing. 

The Global Scholars program enhances students’ knowledge of the world around them. Students learn important experiences designed to guide them toward success in the future. IHS has become a stronger community with the addition of this new program.

[Photo by James Dykun] Photo caption: “Global Scholars students, Nicholas Tew, Fiona McQuaide, Zoey Velesig, Audrey Yang, Eva Nealen, Adelae Templeton, Alexis Dolan, Jarrin McClurg, Zoe Drahnak at the World Affairs Institute at the University of Pittsburgh.”

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Elia Dietz


Elia is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is a part of the IHS lacrosse team. She is excited to be in journalism and hopes to have a great first year.

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