Indiana Area Senior High School

By FIONA MURPHY – Each year, ten of some of the most well-rounded upper-classmen at the senior high are chosen by their fellow seniors to be on the Homecoming Court. This choice is often based on some form of recognition they have gained at IHS, thus becoming part of the running to become the next Homecoming royalty.

The race begins with nominations by the senior class, followed by the announcement of the most-voted individuals, the court videos describing the nominees, and finally, the crowning of the King at the pep rally and the crowing of the Queen during half-time of the Homecoming football game.

This year, the Queen’s court consisted of Abby Hagens, Alaina Kiral, Keara Cash, Teresa Roth, and Maria Kokolis while the King’s court consisted of Seth Gardner, CJ Hughes, Taylor Hudzicki, Jake Benhart, and Tyler Mulac; all of which were presented in comprehensive videos detailing their lives, complete with pictures as well as in and out-of-school activities.

Court videos were aired on Wednesday the October 5, and immediately following, students had the chance to cast their votes via Google forms. Voter and senior Alex Fefolt stated, “This year’s Homecoming Court seems to be a great representation of our school leadership. It was very hard to just pick one King and Queen!”

At the pep rally on the Thursday prior to Homecoming, the school flocked to the new gymnasium to create a heightened sense of school enthusiasm going into the Friday night game as well as crown the Homecoming King.

As the King’s court members were guided onto the court and the time to announce the winner neared, the suspense in the air of the gymnasium rose. Finally, the announcement everyone had been waiting for: Seth Gardner was the 2016 Homecoming King.

On Friday night October 7, the football game against Knoch set the stage for the crowing of the second half of the Homecoming duo: the Queen. As each of the Queen’s court members were escorted onto the football field during half-time, King Seth Gardner stood restlessly by, awaiting the announcement of the Queen that would join him for the 2016 Homecoming noble couple.

Kacey Raible, the 2015 Homecoming Queen, crowned the 2016 Homecoming Queen: Teresa Roth.

Senior Yasmin Ali said, “I voted for both [Seth and Teresa]. Their positive personalities were both very apparent in their videos.”

The Homecoming dance on Saturday the 8th was a grand success, with both Seth and Teresa being enthusiastically recognized by their fellow peers as they danced, and mingled with their faithful subjects (fellow peers).

Homecoming Queen Teresa Roth offers her reflection on this years experience, “I wasn’t expecting to win at all. I immediately screamed and hugged Logan [Tshudy]- pretty sure he lost an eardrum. It was such an honor.”

Thus concludes another successful Homecoming, full of joyous participants and teen royalty.


[Photo by Eric Puskar]


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