Indiana Area Senior High School

By EMMA NORMAN – For the freshman volleyball players here at IHS, staying optimistic is key to a successful season. Although the team has struggled, they are confident that they will end the season strong.

Determination, devotion, commitment, and a good spirit is what makes a volleyball team successful. The freshman girls are positive that their team has all of these qualities. Freshman Lauren Carloni, who is a valuable member of the team, states, “I think the season is going very well! I think that everyone has improved their volleyball skills a lot since the beginning of the season.”

An important part of being involved in any team is showing improvement and growth. Teagan Merriman commented, “We haven’t won a game but we are definitely improving every time we play.”

Many of the girls on the team feel as if they work and play well together. In a sport like volleyball, it is important that the players work together and build off of each other to become a stronger team. Sarah Pierce was asked how the girls function as a team. She stated, “I think that we work really well together. We lift each other up which is important.”

The girls just refuse to give up on their team. They continue to push through the season and they end each game knowing that they’ve improved drastically. Carloni also stated, “My hope for the season is that we win a game!”

The freshman volleyball team may have struggled so far, but with persistence, determination, and commitment they still have a chance. The team has shown that they have many important qualities that make them able to work together efficiently. IHS is hopeful that the girls will be able to end the season with a long-desired win.

Fresh Volly by Puskar

[Photo by Erik Puskar]

Photo Caption: “Freshman Lauren Carloni prepares for her match.”

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