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By JORIE MEIL- IHS students took a field trip to Washington D.C on April sixth. Students from the French III classes and seniors who are involved in the art department visited art museums and galleries in the Nation’s capital.

Forty students from IHS made their way to our Nation’s capital to experience art along with French teacher Mr. Dykun and art teachers Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Miller.  French III students went on the field trip following the completion of a unit on art, specifically French. The 16 French students were joined by 24 art students.

On the field trip, all of the students visited the National Gallery of Art. At this museum, the students viewed many famous and exciting pieces of art. French III students spent much of their time at the National Gallery of Art exploring many of the works that they had learned about in class. Sophomore French student Alyssa McLaine remarked, “My favorite part of the trip to Washington D.C was being able to see some of the artwork we just learned about in French class.”

The students also visited the Smithsonian National portrait gallery. The National portrait gallery is the home of portraits of many famous Americans including all of the presidential portraits. The first stop for many students was the newest addition to the American President exhibit. The Barack and Michelle Obama portraits were a favorite among students.

In addition to the previously mentioned two museums, the art students visited the Freer Sackler Gallery of Art while the French students took some extra time at the National Gallery viewing French art. “The best part was seeing world art up close and in person,” expressed senior art student Lauren Boda-Sutton.

The French III students, as well as a few of the Art students, took a break from the art of go to an authentic French cafe for lunch. The students got an opportunity to try real French food while having fun with their friends at Paul bakery.

This trip provided an amazing opportunity for students to experience art first hand. “I like seeing the evolution of art and how it has progressed and changed throughout the centuries,” said sophomore French student Danny Lee. All of the participating students got something out of this trip and had a whole lot of fun.


[Photo by Jim Dykun]

Photo Caption: IHS French and Art students explore art museums in D.C

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