Indiana Area Senior High School

By ABAGAIL EVERETT – It seems that no matter what privileges we students at IHS are given, we find some way to complain about them. Whether it’s Chromebooks, free WiFi, or a renovated Upper Commons, someone always has a negative outlook.

The latest editions to IHS have brought up mixed feelings among the students. The latest complaint is that this year’s freshman class have different Chromebooks, and the WiFi still won’t connect.

Sophomore Cassie Kerstetter says, “I think it’s a privilege for our high school to have WiFi available to the students. Everyone just complains about how bad the connection is anyway.”

While the freshman class does still have that optimistic view each year, some still find things to grumble about.

Freshman Christian Moretti states, “The WiFi connection is really bad in certain places. I lose it all the time between classes. It could definitely be improved upon at some point.” WiFi connection in the high school is an ongoing problem. Connection strength varies by hallway, floor, and the angle at which the device is held.

Grades 10-12 have Acer Chromebooks, while freshman have HP. This has created lots of controversy between grade levels, since the Chromebook brands look different. All of the Chromebooks have the exact same functions as the others, and the color of the trim and the brand is the only apparent difference.

Sophomore Morgan Jarvie comments, “I think people need to learn to appreciate what they already have, because other schools have it worse off than us. Maybe we should finally begin to appreciate everything we are given rather than constantly wanting more and more.”
IHS gives its students many privileges and sometimes they’re taken for granted. Students should be more appreciative of the district’s academic advantages.


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