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Everyone! Club is off to a successful start


Everyone! Club, is a club for mental health awareness and sexual assault prevention. The club works with many nonprofits in the community to raise funds in order to better the world around them.

Everyone! Club president Fiona Shick expressed, “Our club is like a student-lead guidance sort of thing, we want to make younger generations aware of what’s okay and what isn’t; children are prone to abuse and misconceptions because they are so trusting and don’t know any better.” The club believes it is necessary to bring the cruelties of this world to light instead of staying ignorant for peace of mind. 

Everyone! Club is off to a smashing start, putting up a donation jar at Commons Café where proceeds go to The Open Door, an organization for helping adults and teens with alcohol and drug abuse. This organization has been working on fundraising for the Alice Paul House, Family Promise, Crisis, Childline, and the Suicide Taskforce here in Indiana. Assemblies at the junior high and elementary schools will take place later this year. 

President Katheryn Campbell states, “The Presidents involved in Everyone! have their own issues and backgrounds with these traumas so we understand and respect everyone’s boundaries and feelings. It’s a place where people understand each other and get their minds off their own personal issues and help the community instead. It’s a safe space that is almost completely student-run.” 

Members of this organization meet every Wednesday during 10th period in the library to brainstorm and plan activities. They also meet on Thursdays for club period where they put the plans into action.

Everyone! Club is an A and B club that is still accepting students to join, their goal is to keep spirits up and help sexual assault and abuse victims as well as those struggling with other types of trauma. 

Junior Lily Speights commented that “Everyone! is an amazing club that really focuses on our students. We don’t just do fundraisers though, we also introduce fun activities as healthier coping mechanisms into our club periods.”  

Shick also divulges that “Anyone can join because anyone can be a victim in unfortunate situations. We welcome everyone and encourage you to get involved.”

Email Mr. Bertig at to become a club member. Or if you’d like to be involved in the organization aspect email one of the three presidents,

[Photo by Aidan Druschel] Photo Caption “Senior, Janelle Christner, senior Kathryn Campbell, Junior Kristen Kelly, and Marion Center Student, Nathan Druschel at the Social Center for a Beneficiary bake sale.”

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