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Senior Emma Grim excels in Science Club


Senior Emma Grim has been a part of Science Club for three years. During those years, Grim completed two experiments and is currently working on another, exploring many aspects of environmental science. 

In her first year in science club, Grim conducted an experiment looking at microplastics under a microscope. The next year, she filtered abandoned mine drainage water. This year Grim’s project is an extension of that; she is adding bioindicators, microorganisms, to the drainage water.  

When asked why Science Club is a good club to be a part of she answered, “Science Club is a really good opportunity to expand on abilities and come up with your own projects.”

Teachers and club advisors find it rewarding to see students excelling in things they are good at.

Mrs. Hixon, one of the Science Club advisors, commented, “I have enjoyed watching Emma’s projects progress over the years. She has a natural curiosity that will take her far. This year in particular I am interested to see how using bioindicators will further test the AMD remediation apparatus she developed last year. It could really be an economical solution to treading mine seepage in a more efficient and cost effective way. ”

The field of science is a vital aspect of the ever-evolving ways in which people continually strive to understand the world and make the types of discoveries and advancements that make everyone’s lives better. 

Dedicated students such as Emma Grim should be proud of their accomplishments and recognized for their efforts. It will be exciting to see what she does next.

[Photo by Athena Yang] “Senior and Science Club member Emma Grim with one of her science presentations.”

Ella Mosco


Ella is a sophomore and a second-year reporter for the High Arrow. She swims on the IHS swim team. She hopes to efficiently inform the IHS community.

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