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By MIA LENZI – Drama Club students were invited to participate in an IUP Dance performance. They performed their homemade dance on April 6, 7, and 8. Directed by Holly Boda-Sutton, the show consisted of two acts starting out with Kintercircus and ending with Princess and the Pea…Brained.

IHS dancers could be spotted during the first act show, Kintercircus. They were dressed as clowns to match the circus setting and performed a rhythmic and comedic dance. Six students were invited by Boda-Sutton herself to perform in the dance.

The students were given the task of coming up with dance moves to tell a story. With rehearsals starting early in the new year, the students worked hard and were able to perform their own dance moves on stage. Senior performer Maeve Morris says, “Getting the opportunity to work with IUP students and see their production process was incredible. Everyone involved was extremely talented and helpful. I enjoyed getting  a glimpse into college life and how impactful theatre could be.”

Members of the IUP dance show would also volunteer their time and attend IHS to help guide the performers in the right direction. Sophomore dancer Lily Boulard comments, “We learned a lot about movement and how to make an audience understand what you’re trying to portray…”Show day approached, and each and every performer, along with Mrs. Leah Lyons, co-choreographer, were ready to put their work on the stage.

The performers were invited to a college level tech rehearsal week as well! Taking place at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, IHS performers were able to experience real college tech rehearsals! Junior performer Meagan Hatfield includes, “The rehearsal period was an especially great look at the inner workings of a college level organization.”

Overall the show was a success and gave the drama club participants a view of the college rehearsal process. Each and every dancer volunteered time and worked hard to create a masterpiece. Their portion of the show ended up featuring dances depicting a food fight, sledding, and even a football game! Put those to silly music and there’s a show!


[Photo by Drama Club]

Photo Caption: “Six IHS clowns prepare to perform their dance on an IUP stage.”


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