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By JENNIFER BRICE – On Friday, March 9, staff members from every school throughout the Indiana Area School District came together in the high school’s new gymnasium for the annual Battle of the Faculties.  

The event is a well-loved tradition that treats students to a night of entertainment as teachers compete for their school’s team in a variety of activities. Most importantly, the event’s purpose is to collect donations for Hopeful Hearts, a local charity that provides a safe environment for grieving children and families.

This year, the team consisting of both Ben Franklin and Eisenhower Elementary Schools was victorious in all aspects of the competition.  The conglomerate team won all three awards of the night: raising the most money, dominating the competitive activities, and displaying the most school spirit.  The latter is a testament to the legions of dedicated elementary-aged students who attended the battle to cheer on their teachers. Dr. Scott Layden, an adviser of the event, expressed,  “I am amazed each year how our entire district community comes together to make it such a wonderful event.”

Students eagerly flooded the gym for the treat of watching their school staff compete.  Activities of the night included a basketball three-point shots, volleyball bumps, relay races, and Swedish fish and ring tosses.  The height of the competition is the event in which teams flood their fan section to collect change for charitable fundraising.

Events were coordinated and advised primarily by Layden as a Key Club adviser, with assistance from the club’s volunteers.  Senior Bailey Dills participated as a volunteer judge and noted that, “It was really enjoyable to watch all of the little kids get excited and cheer on their teachers.”  

Certainly an event that brings so much joy to students and charity to the community will always remain a successful tradition.

BATTLE OF FACULTIES 3-9-18 - Payton White (14)

[Photo by Payton White]

Mrs. Kristy Manning participates in the ring toss event for the Senior High’s team.

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