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A game I love: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon ★★★★★

A genuinely good time, this game is so pure and good it’s like watching The Land Before Time as a kid all over again. The content is engaging and colorful and it seamlessly funnels you through content in a way that isn’t overwhelming and still allows you to explore the endless wonder of the world.

Turn-based RPGs don’t always stand the test of time such as the Final Fantasy series and their newest and underwhelming addition, but this version of Pokemon brings back not only the nostalgia of its previous installments but brings new and interesting flair to the game to make it that much more interesting.


A game I hate: Fallout (All of them) ★

This series has gotten a lot of critical acclaim and often has one or more of its installments has made it to a top ten games of all time list. As a person who makes a living off of games, Fallout is not a game to remember. The controls are either too complicated and unwieldy to make gameplay smooth enough to enjoy or so simple that you feel insulted by it. Fallout as a game by itself isn’t even fun, it requires you to enjoy a seemingly endless, monochrome maps with occasional bits of story and lore while the only payoff is gear that you’ll toss within a few minutes of acquiring it. This Fanbase is akin to those of Rick and Morty feeling as if playing Fallout somehow puts them above everyone, while the game is not only lackluster compared to their praise, but overall an unending hassle to pay attention to.


A game I think you should play: Kingdoms of Amalur ★★★★

Released at the same time as the monolith Skyrim by Bethesda, Kingdoms of Amalur was an RPG released by the bankrupt Big Huge Games that I would say to be the love child of Skyrim and Fable. The company after the unsuccessful release of this game and few others tanked because of its lack of revenue, and the game never really got the recognition it deserves.  A colorful and lively RPG with easy controls and fun dialogue the game puts emphasis on exploration, following a silently witty protagonist as they figure out their destiny. One could complete the map without once consulting the story, returning to the main plot of the game over-leveled, overpowered, and ready to tackle whatever they throw at you. Although the character creation is downright prehistoric and the story isn’t exactly Shakespearean quality, the game is fun to play and fun to watch, overall I give this game four stars.

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