Indiana Area Senior High School

By TEAGAN MERRIMAN – The Senior Cafe is every student’s dream: comfortable couches, sitting with friends, and, most importantly, seclusion from the underclassmen.  

Every senior has patiently awaited the day that they can study and eat lunch in their own private space, but the coronavirus outbreak has robbed the class of 2021 of this VIP experience.  The school has made the decision to close the Senior Cafe, removing the furniture and replacing it with tables that seat only two students each.

To some seniors, the closing of the cafe has had little effect.  Sandy Milby remarked, “I personally feel like the closing of the Senior Cafe in itself isn’t that big of a deal.  A lot of schools don’t have a designated area for seniors to sit during a study hall or during lunch.  I think the bigger picture, though, is the way lunches and study halls are now set up.  We can’t sit close to anyone, which makes it really hard to work on assignments with our classmates or even talk to one another, especially during lunch.”

Although the situation is nowhere near ideal, most students are empathetic of the district’s decision to eliminate the senior cafe and completely rework the way lunches and study halls take place. 

However, an understanding of the example the school is trying to set by following social distancing guidelines has not kept students from feeling disappointed.  

“I was sad to hear that the Senior Cafe wouldn’t be an option for the seniors this year, because it is something that I have looked forward to experiencing since I was a freshman,” explained senior Megan Brocious.  “Due to COVID I know that there is no way to make this happen, but seeing the past seniors having so much fun and getting the privilege to eat in their own space makes me feel like our class is really missing out.”

This sudden change in layout has affected everyday life for students on the days that they attend school.  “Seniors now have to eat lunch in the gym with the rest of the student body, and although we have a separate area for senior study hall, the seating has drastically changed.  It’s not the same as it’s always been,” Brocious continued.

While most students are tolerant of the lack of a senior cafe, others see no reason for it to be taken away.  “After being here for three years and seeing every other senior before us able to have the cafe and then having it taken away from us is really disappointing,” expressed Orlando Clark.  “There are ways that we, as seniors, could have what we’ve been looking forward to the past three years while still staying six feet apart.”

In an ever-changing situation, even the future of the entire academic year is in jeopardy at the hands of coronavirus.  At this point in the school year, it is unclear whether or not there is a chance that the Senior Cafe could resurface here at IHS.      


[Photo by Teagan Merriman]

Photo caption: “Seniors utilize the tables that have replaced the furniture making up the Senior Cafe.” 

Teagan Merriman


Teagan is a senior and first-year reporter for the High Arrow.  She enjoys playing volleyball at IHS and is also a member of the diving and lacrosse teams.  She is excited to be writing for the High Arrow this year.