Indiana Area Senior High School

By SYDNEY BRICE – As many students started their Thanksgiving break they knew they were going to be looking at it differently than they have in the past. Traveling and family gatherings all being put to a halt, but will this stop all families?

Thanksgiving; a time where families come together to eat a delicious meal and tell many stories. Senior, Jordan Lauer, stated his favorite part of Thanksgiving is, “Seeing my family members during the holiday and catching up on the news and events that had happened since last year.” 

The school has been put in a “shutdown” until December 7 leaving many families with the opportunity to travel for the holidays. This opportunity may pose a problem with cases rising in the area, which could result in school staying online longer. Junior Jenny Todd asserted, “I think that people traveling over break could become an issue therefore we might have to stay closed longer, so we need to do our best to stay safe.”

Many families have rich traditions that they follow during this time and the decision to keep up with them this year is entirely up to them. Brynlee Shawl, a freshman, stated, “On the Thanksgiving weekend we always have a big game of charades with my aunts and uncles. It is so funny and such a fun time. Sadly. I can’t do these activities with my family this year, but I always have next year to look forward to.” 

Families that are still gathering are doing so with caution and making sure that they are staying safe beforehand. People fear that this could be the last time spent with some family members saying they need to make the most of it. Others feel that they will be okay and won’t run into a problem. 

Many students have said that they are staying home gathering with immediate family only. Lauer said, “We are planning to stay home rather than travel around. Only visiting a few family members rather than the whole family.” 

Although this holiday is going to look a bit different this year, it is still important to embrace what we have and make the most out of the time spent together. 

[Photo courtesy of Sydney Brice]

Photo caption: “Large gatherings such as these are not likely to happen this holiday season.”

Sydney Brice


Sydney is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys playing golf and lacrosse. She is excited to be a reporter for the school.