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By HANA WAHI –  A woman with wild hair. A lit stage. Three cellos, bows poised trembling over the strings. An audience with bated breath.  Cello Fury, a rock orchestral ensemble from nearby Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, performed at our very own Indiana Junior High late January.

Cello Fury is a small, four-man orchestral ensemble with a unique twist: its main performance genre is progressive rock.  The word “orchestra” usually brings images of formal concert halls and ballroom dancing.  This is not the case with Cello Fury– this four-man independent rock orchestra ensemble stands out and reaches a different diverse audience with their distinct powerhouse rock vibes.  

“I’m grateful that our district provides opportunities like this,” says Scott Mitsko, a senior with future music aspirations. “We get to talk with professional musicians and see first hand how this group combines their love for progressive music with their classical training.”

Having performed in rock clubs, concert halls, music festivals, radio and television, Cello Fury has toured throughout more than half of the country, and abroad.  Cello Fury has also collaborated with various other orchestras, operas, theater and dance companies, rock bands, singers, and songwriters.  

Typically expected to be classical, Cello Fury challenges traditional orchestral boundaries.  “This is my second time going to see Cello Fury this year,” junior second violin Kelsey Wagner enthuses. “I participated in district orchestra and [was able to] go see them again. [Cello Fury] brings a classical twist to modern music. They looked good and sounded even better.”

With over 100 performances annually, Cello Fury features four members– three cellists, and a percussionist.  Simon Cummings, Ben Muñoz and Nicole Myers sync up on cello, while percussionist David Throckmorton holds the ensemble together.

“The best part was when they all stood up and rocked out together, with syncopated hair flips,” Wagner laughs.

It was an honor and a pleasure to have the renowned Cello Fury perform in our very own Indiana, Pennsylvania.


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