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Cafe Potter

By JENNIFER BRICE– Inside its elusively magical Platform 9¾ entrance, Cafe Amadeus seemed to have transfigured from a destination on Indiana’s Philadelphia Street, to an enchanted emporium that could only be found in the Harry Potter universe’s Hogsmeade.  Guests were greeted by the sound of “Hedwig’s Theme” and the smell of brewing Butterbeer, enchanting the senses of the J.K. Rowling series’ dedicated fans.

This year, Cafe Amadeus held its annual Harry Potter Day on Saturday, October 28th, the same day as the downtown Fall-O-Ween festivities.  With the spirit in the air, many fans enthusiastically came to the cafe dressed in character, while others got a healthy dose of Hogwarts by tasting the themed drinks and foods or just seeing the elaborately decorated environment.  

Senior Nabeeha Affan witnessed the magic firsthand, and said that “it was nice to be in an atmosphere surrounded by other people who like Harry Potter in an environment that was so detailed.”

The details enhancing the experience included photo-ops with life-sized figures of characters from Severus Snape to Dobby the House Elf, replications of Azkaban mugshots, along with a Sorting Hat and Hogwarts robes to try on for size.  

Senior Emma Stossel, another Harry Potter fan in attendance, said that “I liked the Harry Potter drinks they were serving and the treats they had. I got a Butterbeer cappuccino.” Butterbeer and its cappuccino variation, Hogwarts hot chocolate, and a Patronus Charm Bianco, were a few of the festive options offered.

Cafe Amadeus also hosted a performance by IHS’s very own Chamber of Strings orchestra group.  Talia Mastalski, a junior who performed with the group, expressed the success of the night by sharing that “it was fun, and the seats were packed.”  The Chamber of Strings enhanced the wizarding world experience with compositions like “Highlights of Harry Potter,” a medley featuring tunes easily recognizable to fans in attendance.

The popularity of Harry Potter in our generation is clear, given the huge success of Cafe Amadeus’s fun-filled event.  Harry Potter Day was a great opportunity for students and members of the Indiana community to come together and share a truly magical experience.


[Photo by Jennifer Brice]

Photo caption: Senior Emma Stossel shared a moment with Professor Severus Snape at Café Amadeus.

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