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By MADDIE CRIBBS– Indiana County consists of a community, coming together to lend a helping hand for one another. Here at Indiana Senior High School, ATHENA Club is an international organization created to be an empowering movement towards the awareness of the importance of leadership of women and to help with the development of women’s leadership skills. ATHENA offers a helping hand through volunteer work here in Indiana, PA.

The Club is run by President Jannah Farag (junior) and Vice President Amanda Iandiorio (junior). Leading alongside Farag and Iandiorio is Treasurer Alyssa McLaine (junior), Secretary Jorie Meil (junior) and PR Chair Carmella Barbara (sophomore).

Junior Alyssa McLaine commented, “I believe the ATHENA Club is important because it encourages women to be leaders in their community and make and difference in the world.”

ATHENA Club holds the responsibility to strengthen the values of the Athena Leadership Model, which consist of the following: live authentically, learn constantly, advocate fiercely, act courageously, foster collaboration, build relationships, give back, and celebrate.

Farag stated, “This organization is really important to me because it has been part of my life since the eight grade and I’m so honored for all the opportunities this club has given me. I’ve learned so much from all the speakers at the luncheons and the opportunities I had when I got to go to The Business Hall of Fame Dinner. All of my club advisers helped make the experience in the club wonderful. From Mrs. Mitsko in eighth grade to Mrs. Rougeaux, Mrs. Osterling and Mrs. Juart, they were all great and created so many opportunities to help out our community.”

Meil shared, “My job is to correspond with other clubs and businesses and keep track of all of the club information. ATHENA club is important to me because it promotes female leadership and women’s issues such as health and professionalism.”

ATHENA club hosts their Annual Luncheon, where they are honored to hear from female speakers within our community, who speak about the current theme the club had chosen, which will be, “Dancing in the Rain” this year, representing the obstacles women overcome throughout their personal and professional lives. This year’s luncheon will take place on February 22.

ATHENA will be hosting fundraisers, including dinner nights at Chipotle and Hoss’. Earlier this year, the club hosted a snack and drink bar booth at IRMC Park in fundraising.

The Club lends helping hands out to the little ones at Horace Mann Elementary School and Ben Franklin Elementary. The club members volunteer at the Horace Mann library and at the Holiday Workshop at Ben Franklin.


[Photo by Jasmine Burtick]

Photo Caption: “Club member freshman Annie Rizzo listens intently to Secretary Jorie Meil.”


Maddie Cribbs

Maddie is a senior and a first year reporter for the High Arrow. She joined The High Arrow  to gain the experience of being part of a newspaper team. She looks forward to meeting new people and acting as a reliable source for the publication.