Indiana Area Senior High School

By HANNAH STEELE – On February 8, the annual “Soup-er Bowl”, a fundraiser where IHS staff members provide homemade soups served in pottery bowls made by art students, will be held in the senior high office conference room.

This event allows the Pottery classes to gain real-world experience by crafting a handmade soup bowl which can then be purchased by a staff member for a donation.  Not only will it raise money for the art students’ Washington D.C. field trip, but the additional bowls will be donated to benefit the Indiana County Community Action Program, a local food bank.

An event like this takes a lot of time, dedication, and passion to be executed properly.  With the help of two steadfast students, the process was expedited.  Juniors Rachel Bowersox and Sarah Detweiller spent countless hours after school throwing bowls on Bowersox’s pottery wheel, resulting in over 40 bowls.  Their selfless help will benefit both fundraisers.

“We knew that if we would want to help contribute, we would have to make our bowls quickly to have them in time,” expressed Bowersox.  “We were able to work hard and keep pushing ourselves to make more bowls to the point where we made forty bowls in one night.  I am so happy with the outcome of our bowls and I can’t wait to donate the leftover bowls to benefit the Indiana County Community Action Program.”

Detweiller, similar to her partner, shared a dedication for the event, “Over the course of several weeks, I spent any free time that I could to get my hands on making bowls. I took advantage of leaving classes early when my teachers permitted and even after school hours, and I used as much time as I could to get the job done.  The experience made me realize that the benefits of hard work and dedication are worthwhile when coming together to help to others.”

“Sarah and Rachel took it upon themselves to throw some extra bowls on their own.  They stayed up very late to help contribute to the event, and I am very proud of them,” stated Pottery teacher Mrs. Arlene Miller.  “I expect that everyone will have a good time and that the event will bring camaraderie within the faculty and staff.”

The “Soup-er Bowl” provides a memorable experience for staff and art students alike while benefiting two good causes.


[Photo by Drew Rado]

Photo Caption: “Juniors Sarah Detweiller  (left) and Rachel Bowersox (right) work hard to prepare the bowls for the Soup-er Bowl event.


Hannah Steele

Hannah is a junior co-editor and has been on the High Arrow staff for three years.  In regard to journalism, she enjoys writing the truth and delivering credible news.