Indiana Area Senior High School

By SYLVIA GALENO – Students at IHS involved in the art classes took a trip to IUP to be inspired, get an understanding of the world of artists, and the set up of a show.

Art teacher Mrs. Miller organized the trip to the University Museum, First Floor Sutton Hall. The exhibit of work at the museum is by IUP alumni who have found success as painters, sculptors, potters, draftsmen and teachers. The students got to meet Fine Arts artist Kathleen Kase Burk. 

Mrs. Miller attended the opening reception at IUP and instantly thought of her students and how they would benefit from viewing the show. She began thinking about how the students at IHS could grab inspiration. Mrs. Miller said “I wanted to show my students what can come from  practicing their art forms throughout their life and how artists reflect the world around them in their work.” What she enjoyed was how the students gravitated to things they liked. 

Students were to take note of the art around them and draw quick sketches of what they liked.  Students saw how unique pieces can share similar qualities, like senior Courtnay Leydic who said, “I learned that there really is no wrong way to do art. Art comes in all forms. ” Everyone took away inspiration and something positive from the trip. Leydic proceeded to say, “You could see that everyone found something that intrigued and inspired them.” The trip inspired her to branch out in what mediums she uses. She also enjoyed the cultural differences within the individual artworks. 

The artist spokesperson was Kathleen Kase Burk. Some of the students took inspiration from the way she does her work. Kathleen does her pencil drawings from observation, using everyday objects and memorabilia from her family.  Senior Mia Herman stated, “I think art can be found in anything and be created from anything. One of the artists created a sculpture from trash and junk. Things that people typically overlook she turned it into something new and I thought it was really cool.” This work reminded her of an I Spy book because she said, “Every time you looked there was something different.” 

Many students took away things from the trip whether inspiration, or the courage to step out of one’s comfort zone. Art is found anywhere and can be anything one gravitates to or is intrigued by. The students at IHS enjoyed their time learning about the creative world of accomplished artists. 

[Photo by Mrs. Beth Porter]

Photo Caption: “ Artist spokesperson Kathleen Kase Burk speaks to the students at the art exhibit.”


Sylvia Galeno

Sylvia is a senior and this is her second year on the High Arrow staff. She’s excited to cover the news of 2019-20. She enjoys getting the scoop on the school and creating memories in journalism class.