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By APRIL BLAIR Other than the continuous jamming out to Chance the Rapper, The Front Bottoms, and Modern Baseball, here are some other artists I listen to that give off the ‘totally ready for warmer weather’ vibe:


You Won’t – First of all, this is a great band to dance and cry to. Especially at the same time,  just because the songs are so delightfully written. The feel good music combines with the deep and meaningful lyrics to produce two sweet-sounding albums.

Recommended tracks:

“No Divide”

“Ya Ya Ya”


Spook Houses – “I’m trying to try” are lyrics so very relatable, as well as this song’s tone, which is perfect for listening to when trying to fall asleep or trying to get rid of a nasty headache, that made me fall in love with this band.

Recommended tracks:

“Witching Hour”

“Try Pt.1 / Try Pt. 2”


Wild Child – Baritone ukulele. That’s enough for me. As well as the incorporation of trumpet, cello, and violin. Lyrics written and sung by members Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins, blend together for perfect, mellow yet quirky tunes. “‘All the Years’ is a very happy, upbeat song but mellow at the same time. I’d say it’s calming with uplifting lyrics,” says senior Jade Fleming.

Recommended tracks:

“This Place”

“All the Years”–QS2hAU


Radiator Hospital – One person who knows my obsession with this band is Mr. Nath, whose  sound he described as “a cat in a blender.” However, the lyrics are packed with pure emotion.

Recommended tracks:

“Our Song”

“Fireworks (Reprise)”


Bad Bad Hats – This band consists of Chris Hoge (drums), Noah Boswell (bass), and Kerry Alexander (guitar and beautiful vocals), and I am completely capable of wanting them to make more music non-stop. Plus, they’re coming to Karoondinha Music & Arts Festival in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania on July 22!

Recommended tracks:


“Psychic Reader”


Acid Ghost – Released in 2016, the album “Warhol,” obviously named after Andy Warhol, features the pop art advocate himself in the 53 second track, “Life”. Most songs are written and produced by the brilliant Ace Barcelon, and supply the listener with a feeling of nostalgia.

Recommended tracks:


“All Alone”


Only Real – Niall Gavin could easily be the love child of Mac DeMarco and King Krule, in both look and sound. The album “Jerk at the End of the Line” delivers a peppy rather than dismal appearance.

Recommended tracks:


“Cadillac Girl”  


Peach Pit – Peach Pit is pure summer. This band makes me want to dance like I’m in an indie music video smiling toward the camera as the sun sets, with the occasional sip of peach iced tea. Senior Heather Lang says, “‘Peach Pit’ is a very catchy tune, and it definitely gives off the summer feels.”

Recommended tracks:

“Peach Pit”

“Sweet FA”


We’ve all been anxiously waiting for June 7 to arrive, but in order to get there, we have to pass through April, the rainiest month of the year, as well as May. Feel free to listen to these songs to rid that rainy mood.


[Photo by April Blair]

Photo Caption” Seniors Victoria Mbogo and Kyle Lear look to April’s April Playlist for sonic guidance.


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