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Annual office raffle offers something for everyone


By JULIAN YERGER – Every December, IHS enters the holiday season with its annual Teddy Bear Fund Drive to raise money for children’s medical care.  In collaboration with student government, office secretaries Mrs. Bonnie Myers and Mrs. Joyce Shirley host a raffle with prizes donated by the school and community.

Tickets have been available since December 13 and will continue to be sold until the drawing on December 21.

The drawing will begin at 2:00 pm, and winners in each category will continue to be announced throughout 10th period. Last year, the raffle gave out over 100 donated items to raise over $2,500, and a similar number of prizes will be offered this year.

Ticket prices are the same as previous years, so students can buy 1 for $1, 3 for $2, 10 for $5, and 25 for $10. The prizes a variety of are baskets and gift cards, mostly donated by IHS faculty.

The Tech Ed Club donated wooden signs with inspirational quotes on them, and the local radio station will likely donate sports memorabilia as it has in previous years.
The SGA is responsible for gathering these donations, some from local businesses.
On the day before Thanksgiving, students in SGA disperse through Indiana’s downtown to collect prizes and distribute donation jars to be filled by customers during the holiday season.

Senior Hannah Uschock has been responsible for collecting prizes and personal donations for the last three years.  Uschock comments, “I like to see it go from just a list of places to collect donations from into a beautiful display. It’s great to see how excited people get when they realize they’ve won something.”

[Photo by Dylan Latore]

Photo Caption: The TBFD raffle offers a chance at many great items

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