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By JORIE MEIL-Spring has sprung, which means a new play will make its way to the stage of IHS. The play 44 Plays for 44 Presidents directed by Mrs. Leah Lyons will make its debut on the IHS stage  April 28 and 29 at 7:30 on both nights. Tickets will be available at the door.

The play is made up of many short plays that tell the story of the American presidents. It tells of each individual American president starting with George Washington up until Barack Obama.The production chronologically recounts in a funny and new way, the history that every American knows. The show shifts from funny scenes that guarantee laughter, to scenes that tell of tragedy and trauma.

The comedy is told in a nonpartisan way, so the true tale of each president is expressed. Each scene makes sure to capture that president’s term in office. Cast members say that it touches on some of the smaller details of the presidencies as well as major events that took place. Junior Jackie Sprenger says, “I like all of the history in the show because I’m a history nerd.”

The show also involves various musical numbers that help the stories move along. The songs and dances pop up during the show and bring something new to the already engaging play.  “The music in the show gives me the opportunity to do more than just act,” says freshman Grace Wadding.

The ensemble cast of ten features cast members from all grades. Cast members include freshmen Danny Lee, Grace Wadding, Kiara Smith and Tyler Pruitt. sophomore Nick Skalican, and juniors Skylar Pruett, Mia Lenzi, Jackie Sprenger, Maeve Morris, and Macey Phillips. Each member performs as different presidents. Every actor brings something unique to the scenes as they portray presidents and other characters that have influenced American history. A star-spangled coat is passed on from scene to scene to make it clear who is portraying the president in that scene.

The show promises to make audiences both laugh and think about the country’s history. The play tells the story of our country in a new way that is guaranteed to be entertaining. Freshman Danny Lee says, “I really find it interesting how no scene is like the others. I honestly believe that no matter what you like to watch, there will be something in this show for you.” Come and support the IHS drama department and see the show 44 Plays for 44 Presidents.


[Photo by Jorie Meil]


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