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By ASHLEE GRAHAM Each year new teachers hit the halls of IHS, but only for a while. The student teachers for the 2018 school year have been here for some time now. IHS receives a group of student teachers from IUP to help provide new teaching styles to the students, as well as provide real-world teaching opportunities to the student teachers.

At IHS, there is always room for new smiling faces and those who are open to trying new things and learning new ways. Our school offers so much more than surrounding schools, and our student teachers are a great example of this. Junior Nick Scallican says, “Ms. Fores [music] has helped me so much to prepare for PMEA festivals and learn my parts daily; she is a great influence to have around and helps so much on a daily basis.”

This year, we received a variety of student teachers that are specialized in many different fields. Mr. Kukula and Ms. Davis in the English Department, Ms. Testa in the Math Department, Ms. Elias in the Science Department, Ms. Scalese in the Art department, Ms. Johnson in the Physical Education Department, Ms. Clayton in the History Department, and Ms. Boyles and Ms. Fores in the Music Department. Some of these teachers have been here all year, while others split their semester between the elementary school and the senior high.

This program is extremely effective for students because they are always teaching different methods to help students to understand the topics better.  Junior Dylan McAnulty claims, “Mr. K [Kukula] is a phenomenal student teacher who understands kids and helps them have fun in a good learning environment.” Also, these student teachers bring from IUP the expertise on the newest technology and teaching methods. The classes they are taking at IUP keep them up to date, and they bring that knowledge to the classrooms here at IHS.

As much as these student teachers help the students, the classes of IHS help them just as much. While these teachers are here, they are getting a real-world teaching experience. In front of their classes, they give lectures and grade papers, giving them the real teaching experience.

Junior Sydney Jones says “Ms. Testa is a great student teacher. She is a math whiz, and she really engages the class from the beginning!”

This program still proves to be one of the best ones that IUP and Indiana Senior High have to offer. It creates memorable moments for everyone involved. Mr. K, student-teacher under Mr. Nath says, “IHS is the happiest school I’ve ever been around. There’s a significant amount of trust that teachers and administrators here are willing to place in students. And the students really rise to the occasion. There’s a sense of mutual respect, it’s a two-way street.”



[Photos by Dylan Latore]

Photo Caption: “This semester’s student teachers include (top photo left to right) Mr. Kukula (English), Ms. Davis (English), Ms. Testa (math), Ms. Boyles (music), Ms. Scalese (art).” 

 Bottom photo left to right – Ms. Clayton (social studies), Ms. Johnson (Phys Ed.), Ms. Elias (science), not pictured, Ms. Flores (music).


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