Indiana Area Senior High School

By TEAGAN MERRIMAN – This month, rising seniors will vote to elect their senior class officers. 

The election of senior class officers rings important as the chosen officers will need to represent the other members of their senior class in the best way possible.  

Every school year senior class officers are tasked with many of the activities and events that are exclusive to the graduating class, such as the senior class picnic, senior class trip, and, most importantly, graduation.  

Current junior Audrey Josephson stated, “I would like to see the senior class president have more fun events to bring our class together, and I would also like for them to listen to everyone’s voice so we can make this senior year memorable and fun.”

Candidates are gearing up for the election as well, hoping to gain the votes of their fellow classmates.  Brock Petras, the candidate for Senior Class Treasurer said, “I am running with a group of my friends that share similar interests, so we are looking forward to working together to hopefully prove to our class that we are the right people for the positions.”

Other candidates have their own goals in mind when it comes to their plans for the senior class.  Jenny Todd, candidate for Senior Class President noted, “One of my goals for next school year is to bring our class together more.  Due to COVID-19, the past two graduating classes have not been able to have a normal senior year, and I’m hoping that this year we are able to accomplish everything missed and more.”

Although there is still some uncertainty as to the state of next school year in terms of the COVID-19 virus, many are holding out hope that next year will be nearly, not if completely, normal.  

[Photo Courtesy of Teagan Merriman]

Photo Caption: “Next year’s  seniors are able to find information regarding the class officers election in their Google Classroom.”


Teagan Merriman


Teagan is a senior and first-year reporter for the High Arrow.  She enjoys playing volleyball at IHS and is also a member of the diving and lacrosse teams.  She is excited to be writing for the High Arrow this year.