Indiana Area Senior High School

By KOREY FERRINGER-Music can change anyone’s mood. From exciting to scared or something in between, music is the lever of feelings. From “Hurrian Hymn” to Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”, music has been everywhere. From movies, to video games, music can change the mood of any environment.

Most students can pick out many songs that stand out to them. Usually students can put their favorite songs in a playlist. Junior Catherine Bevevino stated, “My favorite songs would be “Riptide”, “Valery”, “Island” and “Kiss me”.” While other students have so many favorite songs that it’s impossible to name them all. Many students have songs in their playlists and tend to like one genre or one artist.

Every student has a different taste in music. Mason McCauley said, “My favorite genre is 80’s rock music.” Other students like different genres, that can range from jazz to hip-hop. Since every music genre is different it brings new music artists, new music, and new songs for music stations to air. Every year, an artist or a band is recognized is given a Grammy. The Grammys are important because only certain artists and bands are recognized each year.

Many music artists have more than one hit single. Usually these songs are well known. While many students listen to different artists and bands, many listen to the same. Senior Nick Skalican stated, “My favorite music artist is Ariana Grande.” Along with Ariana Grande many other artists have made a big mark in today’s music industries. These could include Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, and many others. The songs each of these artists make change the mood of almost every person. It could be from feeling empty to realizing that happiness is just around the corner.


[Photo by Korey Ferringer]

Photo Caption:  “Freshmen Elyse Beeken scrolling through her lists of songs.”


Korey Ferringer

Korey is a freshman and this is his first year as a reporter. He hopes that he can help the High Arrow grow to be the best news source in Indiana.