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By JORIE MEIL-Twenty five IHS seniors and juniors are taking advantage of an opportunity to get a head start on their college careers. The dual enrollment program allows students to take college classes prior to their high school graduation.

There are many colleges that participate in this program. The most popular among the students is IUP due to it’s closeness and good staff and facilities.

The dual enrollment program has many benefits for participating students. The program gives students insight into what the next four, and possibly more, years of their lives will be. They get a feel for the workload and all of the responsibilities that come with taking college-level classes.

For students who think the high school workload is a lot, college will be a rude awakening for them. Students participating in the dual enrollment program will be more prepared for college when it comes around. “It is a serious commitment I would only recommend it to students who are good at keeping themselves organized and on top of assignments,” commented dual enrolled junior Kate Metzger.

Another benefit of dual enrollment is the ability to take classes that really fit a student’s personal interest.  IHS offers a wide selection of classes, but we don’t have a classes like Samurai and Gongfu heroes. Taking classes that are interesting and picked by the student taking it will make school more enjoyable. Senior Jackie Sprenger says, “It’s a really fulfilling experience because it allows students to take classes in subjects not available at IHS.”

Dual enrollment also helps students get ahead in college. All classes that are completed while dual enrolling count as credits.  Students who dual enroll already have credits that go towards their college graduation. This way they can have a lesser class load or maybe even graduate early. “I will be getting eight credits towards my degree which will mean I can take fewer classes while I am in college’” says senior Halle Angello.

Dual enrollment is a great program that has many benefits for high school students. This is an opportunity that students will not want to miss out on!


Photo by High Arrow Staff

Photo Caption: “Seniors Hannah Erdley and Halle Angelo enjoy their time on the IUP campus.”

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