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By JENNIFER BRICE Last spring students elected officers for their scheduled clubs.  Since then, the chosen leaders have begun preparing to fill demanding roles with the hope of managing a successful organization.  On Thursday, September 21st the beginning of a new year of clubs signaled the start of new and refreshing authority in regard to student organizations.

Seniors Mia Spadafora, Shreya Bharadwaj, and Emma Stossel have been elected to the roles of SGA President, FBLA President, and Key Club Vice President, respectively.  High membership numbers give these groups significant influence throughout the student body, which makes their duties even more important.

The student government association concerns itself with events like Homecoming, Prom, and Teddy Bear Fund Drive.  Thus, President Spadafora feels that her most important responsibility is “making the decisions that will help benefit the student body the most.” Spadafora is advocating for events that are fun, safe, and “promote the school in general.”

With SGA invested in the current students, FBLA invests in these students’ potential for their future endeavors in the business field.  President Bharadwaj plans on improving the club’s success by helping to “create more opportunities” in areas like fundraising and preparing for statewide competition.

As Vice President of Key Club, Stossel is eager for “being more of a leader in the club,” because she supports its values and wants to guide the members to help others.  She sums up the club’s goal by stating, “The club is just about helping the community and not expecting anything in return.”

The positive outlook exhibited by the rising leaders throughout IHS is crucial to the school environment.  They are maintaining a commitment to their causes, and as Spadafora suggests, “guiding people to make smart decisions that won’t just benefit themselves, but the people that surround them.”

[Note: Jennifer Brice is this year’s Key Club President]


[Photo by Jennifer Brice]

Photo caption: Seniors Mia Spadafora and Emma Stossel are faces of leadership, representing SGA and Key Club this year.

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