Indiana Area Senior High School

Spooky seniors arrive for Halloween at IHS!

By MICHAEL JADZAK Halloween came up the weekday this year, Monday to be exact. Although Monday is typically a hard and tough day to get through, seniors at IHS got to dress up and show their Halloween costumes off to the school! Every Halloween, seniors at IHS get the privilege to dress up in a […]

America and the World III classes visit Washington DC

By ELLA MOSCO On October 31, students in the America and the World III classes took a field trip to the Holocaust Museum and the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington DC.  Students in these classes are learning about World War II and the effects of the Holocaust as part of a unit on […]

High Arrow Staff Spotlight: Michael Jadzak

By KRISTEN KELLY Michael Jadzak is an 11th-grade student here at IHS who chose journalism his freshman year because he wanted to write for the school and the students. Michael thought it would be a fun, laid-back class, and it hasn’t disappointed him so far.  Michael hopes to gain a little recognition for being an […]

Me To We Club helps to replenish the ASAP Fund

By EMMA SHEERAN The IHS Me to We Club is replenishing the IHS ASAP Fund. The fund, which provides students in need with the means to get help, was a prevalent resource in the past, but since the creators graduated, it has fallen behind. Now, the Me to We club is in the planning stages […]