Digital Media Production returns to bring students the IHS experience!

By MICHAEL JADZAK Digital Media Production at IHS provides the students with photos and videos of IHS events, and the IHS Webcast. Returning students in Digital Media production have expressed that they are excited about starting the year and capturing student life once again. Sophomore Josh Roumfort explained why he continued Digital Media, “What I […]

Key Club works toward making a difference

By ADDISON MCAFEE Key Club is always playing a part in the community and helping in any way it can. They participate in acts of community service for people who need it most and give to others in so many different ways. They work together to make our school and community a better place for […]

Freshman volleyball returns for the fall sports season

By ELLA MOSCO The IHS girl’s freshman volleyball team began their season on August 22 against Hempfield High School. The girls are continuing to play against surrounding schools and districts, and support from the students can majorly affect how the girls play throughout this fall sports season.  Freshman Hannah Stone says, “We’re about 3-1 on […]